Engineered Certification and Inspection (ECI) By Red Flame Industries Inc

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Engineered Certification and Inspection (ECI) is the re-inspection and certification of equipment to ensure compliance with the manufacturer’s design and operating ratings. At Red Flame Industries Inc, our NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) inspectors perform a thorough inspection of your equipment’s structural welds, pivots, hydraulic mounts, and lifting arms to ensure no dents, cracks, bends, or capacity-altering damages have occurred. Inspections are completed using various techniques of magnetic particle (crack) inspections, visual techniques, and spacing measurements.

We have in-house engineering, certified NDT technicians, and an online portal for customers to access copies of their equipment certifications. ECI inspections are completed quickly and thoroughly. If repairs are required, we are able to provide a proper repair plan and re-inspection. Reports and certification stickers are provided following the inspection to ensure your work can continue moving forward.

Why get Engineered Certification and Inspection (ECI)?
Engineering Certification and Inspections provide peace of mind and validation to the owner, the client as well as the operator that your lifting equipment is safe and operable under the equipment’s design standards.

This service is a requirement under Canadian CSA, OEM, OH&S, as well as site and company policies. It applies to owners and operators of aerial lift or work platforms, cranes, picker trucks, work baskets, tow trucks, side booms, drilling equipment, and other rated lifting devices that are carrying a load.

How can you schedule an Engineered Certification and Inspection (ECI)?
Having an inspection completed is as easy as contacting our Red Flame Industries Inc NDT department. All we require is your equipment information (type, size, capacity, and certification expiry), and we can schedule your equipment for inspection. We can have crews travel and inspect your equipment in the field, in your shop, or have it transported to our facility for inspection. Inspection time may vary depending on the size of the equipment but are typically completed within one to three hours, and certifications are received within two to five business days.

Benefits of Engineered Certification and Inspection (ECI) By Red Flame Industries Inc
We offer ECI inspections year-round at Red Flame Industries Inc. So whether your equipment is due for its’ annual inspection, had an incident or alteration occur that requires confirmation of certification, or have downtime and want to have inspections completed before projects ramp up, we are able to accommodate.

We can also certify lifting devices, pressure retaining equipment, determine wall thickness, and assess cracks or wear areas. We have set inspection rates per each piece of lifting equipment, so our clients know upfront their annual or project inspection costs. Custom certifications are also available and are quoted on a project basis.

If you have equipment that requires certification, or you just have questions about the process, please feel free to contact Red Flame Industries Inc by phone at 1(888) 846-8827 or 1(403) 343-2012 or by email at To learn more about our ECI service or our other service lines, such as hot taps and line stops, custom manufacturing, non-destructive testing (NDT), and specialty mechanical services throughout Canada, please click here or get in touch with us by clicking here.

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