Quality & Safety


Target Zero

  • Red Flame Industries is able to provide a safe working environment for our people by continually improving our safety performance, practices and policies. The bar remains high by providing our employees with a specialized internal training and certification program. We credit this program in helping us to maintain an exceptional Target Zero safety record – ZERO injuries and ZERO illnesses
  • Red Flame Industries is committed to managing quality and safety excellence across all aspects of our business. It is why we ensure our employees, products, services and facilities attain full accreditation and comply to the recognized industry standards.
  • Red Flame Industries is COR certified through Energy Safety Canada, and is an active member of the CAODC

Our internal competency based training and certification program is:

  • Developed to ensure all Technicians are fully qualified and trained to perform any job safely, with quality and flawless execution
  • Consists of over one hundred modules, combining in-depth training videos, and detailed manuals and procedures
  • Includes extensive hands-on training with flawed specimens and mock-up scenarios


  • Specialty Mechanical Services
  • Specialty Mechanical Services
  • Specialty Mechanical Services
  • Specialty Mechanical Services

Quality Management In order to realize our vision of providing responsive, innovative and safe industrial solutions, we are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest possible quality in our products, services and our suppliers. Our focus on quality and our analysis of efficiency and performance using six-sigma techniques creates the foundation for our quality management program. Our quality management program is:

  • CUSTOMER FOCUSED by ensuring products and services provide optimum value to our customers while striving to meet or exceed customer expectations and requirements.
  • SUPPORTING EXCELLENCE through controlled and efficient business processes while managing the interaction of these processes. Red Flame Industries highly-trained personnel understand that supplying the optimum products and services is achieved through effective work, the utilization of technology and a high standard of customer service.
  • IMPROVED SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIPS, developed and maintained through consistent monitoring and evaluation of performance to ensure the goods and services we source from suppliers and subcontractors contribute to the value and quality received by our customers
  • CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT, one of the permanent quality objectives of Red Flame Industries and essential in the improvement of our overall performance.
  • A SHARED RESPONSIBILITY for all of Red Flame Industries management and personnel, requiring active participation by all employees regardless of position.
  • EMPOWERING. Our processes promote the involvement and feedback of our customers’ staff and suppliers to ensure goals are achieved, processes are improved, and quality standards are met or exceeded.
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