Employee Spotlight: Johnathan Hardy

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Meet Johnathan Hardy, a Red Seal Pipefitter by trade and a Lead Technician at Red Flame Industries Inc. Johnathan began his career at Red Flame Industries three years ago and continues to have a bright future ahead. 

Johnathan has established a strong reputation amongst employees who know him as well as among our clients. We want to show our appreciation in this monthly post as a thank you for all that he does.  

As a professional, Johnathan does whatever it takes to solve problems that come up on the job as he truly enjoys the challenge. He does everything in his power to make sure the client is happy with the execution of the job. Johnathan is very detail-oriented and prepares for a lot of different scenarios to the best of his ability for any job scope.

What makes him unique is that he is extremely versatile with his ability to cover and execute numerous different services based on his background and education. He meets any challenge head-on, and is a problem solver, driving solutions for the client first and foremost. 

He was a vital piece in growing our presence in Acheson when we first opened. To elaborate further, when we first opened the Acheson office for Specialty Mechanical Services, Johnathan was one of the main people that was involved with helping set it up, and improve the shop. He’s always brought up the fact that he truly enjoyed being a part of building something from the ground up, even when it did require a lot of work from his end, in addition to his fieldwork that was ongoing at the same time. He was always at the shop wanting to help out and see if there was anything he could lend a hand with.

It is clear that Johnathan has genuine care and love for our company, and we absolutely love the integrity, hard work, and commitment with which he works. 

When we asked Johnathan about why he loves working with us, he said: “It’s been such a great learning experience at Red Flame, and it’s really opened my eyes to so much experience in the energy industry. I’ve never worked with a company that is as supportive and encouraging as Red Flame has been with me. They’ve provided unique opportunities and challenges that have helped me grow personally and professionally.”

Thank you for all that you do Johnathan!

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