Employee Spotlight: Sam Perreault

Author: Red Flame Industries Inc | | Categories: Certified Engineering Technician , Hot Tapping Services , Line Stopping Services


Meet Sam Perreault, one of our Senior Hot Tap Technicians and Field Supervisor at Red Flame Industries Inc. Sam began working with Red Flame Industries Inc. over eight years ago and has proven himself to be a leader in learning and developing new techniques and technologies. 

It’s tough to put Sam’s importance into words, but we’re going to do our best to showcase our appreciation for all he does, and the strong reputation he has amongst our employees and clients. 

Sam is truly a professional, and what makes him unique is his ability to always lend assistance within other areas of operations. He has exceptional attention to detail, and process, and has developed a lengthy Rolodex of technically difficult and unique projects. Sam is always up for a challenge and works very hard to develop a strong relationship with our clients in the field on projects. 

Sam’s mindset and focus are what makes him so great. He is always striving to provide the customer with a great project experience, and a final product and timeline that meets or exceeds their expectation. Sam really lets his hard work speak for itself. Talk with any of his past project clients, and the feedback is always exceptional, and that really is the ultimate compliment.

In fact, one of our biggest success stories was in part, Sam’s success story. He was lead of a project requiring 12 Hot Taps with Line Stops, and the client had a very tight timeline for execution turnaround, or would be faced significant penalties if the finish date was not met. The project timeline was completion within 18 days or less. Sam completed the entire work scope on Day 17. Although a strenuous and testing operation, Sam and the rest of the crew went way above the call, and it was truly incredible.

It is evident that Sam has genuine care and love for his work, peers and our company, and we absolutely love the integrity, hard work, and commitment he has.

When we asked Sam about why he loves working with us, he said: “Obviously given the ups and downs of our current market; it has been a difficult time for everyone. The one thing I enjoy regarding Red Flame is the positive work environment. I enjoy working with my coworkers, which is important for long-term employment. Most of our people at Red Flame have been here for over four years, so I know the feeling is mutual across the company.”

And that is what makes Red Flame Industries Inc. team so great. We are built on people that are driven to find or create solutions that meet our clients’ requirements, timelines and bottom line. We offer specialized industrial solutions, including Hot Tapping, Line Stopping, In-Service Integrity or Leak Repair, Non-Destructive Testing, Custom Manufacturing and Enclosures, Specialty Mechanical, In-House, or Field Machining, and Heat Treatment services to clients throughout Canada as well as across the U.S.A and Mexico. So, the next time you’re looking for trusted full-service plant and pipeline specialists, get in touch with us by clicking here or visit our website.

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