Employee Spotlight: Rob Holloway

Author: Red Flame Industries Inc | | Categories: Certified Engineering Technician , Hot Tapping Services , Specialty Mechanical Services


Meet Rob Holloway, our Eastern Project Manager at Red Flame Industries Inc. Rob has been working with Red Flame Industries Inc for nine years with a bright future ahead. 

It’s tough to put Rob’s importance into words, but we’re going to do our best to showcase our appreciation for all he does and showcase his strong reputation amongst our employees as well as our clients. 

As a professional, Rob spent the past nine years gaining experience and knowledge completing multiple diameter hot tap projects, bolting, machining, heat treatment as well as some very technical work scopes in unique locations. Through all this experience, he has developed a driven safe work mindset, strong project management skills, and an exceptional drive to grow our project base.

Rob is a great example of the RFI mindset, as his drive as a problem solver and solution maker shows in how he works with our clients, as well as mentors new employees. This drive has also shown in his push to grow service lines in Ontario and provide the same great project management across Canada. Rob is always trying to find different and improved ways of doing things, by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, or finding a safe way to execute projects efficiently.

Rob’s can-do attitude allowed him to see a service line opportunity with a potential client, make contact, compile and submit a proposal, be awarded the job, and complete the work scope on-site himself in order to meet their emergent timeline. This wouldn’t have been so smooth, without his exceptional organizational skills, and previous project experience in managing all aspects from start to finish. 

We asked Rob what it is that he loves most about working with us, and he said: “I love the diversity of our services and the areas we are able to cover. From performing a Well Re-Entry in the tundra of the Northwest Territories, to disassembling a turbine shell in the heat of Tampico, Mexico, we get to see it all.”

Rob’s positivity shines when he’s asked to find a solution for a client. 

And that is what makes out Red Flame Industries Inc. team so great. We are built on people that are driven to find or create solutions that meet our clients’ timeframe and bottom line. We offer specialized industrial solutions, including Hot Tapping, Line Stopping, In-Service Integrity, Leak Repair, Non-Destructive Testing, Custom Manufacturing and Enclosures, Specialty Mechanical, In-House, or Field Machining, and Heat Treatment services to clients throughout Canada as well as across the U.S.A and Mexico. So, the next time you’re looking for trusted full-service plant and pipeline specialists, get in touch with us by clicking here or visit our website 

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